• Q1. How long does it take to construct a railway track?
    The railway track construction time depends on the following factors:
    Length of track
    Track design
    Job complexity
    Geographical factors
    TRAC has developed deep and extensive relationships across both the construction and engineering side of the industry. It helps us complete your project quickly and effectively while limiting surprises that can result in lengthy delays.

    To know the approximate time, contact us & discuss your project with an expert rail contractor.

  • Q2. What is included in your track inspection services?
    Our experienced and FRA-qualified inspectors offer top-quality track inspection solutions to avoid the risk of rail accidents. This includes:

    Identifying broken track pieces
    Finding ineffective track materials
    Spotting gauge problems and deviations in alignment
    Creating a detailed inspection report
    Using the latest proprietary technology

  • Q3. How much do you charge?
    The cost of our railroad services depends on the following factors:
    Type of service—track design, construction, repair, maintenance, or inspection
    Complexity of job
    Number of days
    Workers required to complete the job
    To know the approximate cost of your project, get in touch with us.
  • Q4. Why is railway track maintenance important?
    Regular railway track maintenance is important because of the following reasons:
    Prevent costly repairs and parts replacement in the long run
    Minimize the risk of derailments
    Prevent wear and tear
    Reduce operating costs and fuel consumption
    Improve the life of the rail track
  • Q5. Which railroad services do you provide?
    TRAC is the leading company in the USA providing a range of the best railroad services, including:
    Design: We offer rail track engineering and design services like site survey and project submittal.

    Construction: We have everything from in-depth knowledge to experienced crew, and the latest tools to construct rail tracks timely in an efficient and safest manner.

    Inspection: We use special tools and technologies to inspect and identify hidden rail problems like broken track parts.

    Repair: We are experts in repairing minor to major track faults to reduce the chances of unfortunate accidents.
    Maintenance: We offer railway maintenance services to extend the life of the track and to avoid costly repairs.

  • Q6. How much experience do you have?
    We have over 100 years of combined experience in the industry. We offer reliable railroad design, construction, repair, and maintenance services you can rely on.
  • Q7. What material and equipment do you use?
    We use high-quality materials like cement and steel and state-of-the-art on-track machines like forklifts, grinders, rail drills, and clipping machines to construct, repair, and maintain rail tracks.
  • Q8. Do you assist in emergency track repair services?
    Yes, we have an extensive business network that helps us serve our clients 24/7. Our knowledgeable and professional crew responds faster than any other railroad track repair company near you.