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The Railroad Associates Corporation

At TRAC, we specialize in providing railroad design and construction services that go from concept to completion. Our customers appreciate having a trusted partner who can handle the nuances and complexity of rail design and construction, freeing their precious time to focus on the demands of running their business. Every customer engagement we do is approached with a simple goal: exceed the customer’s expectations in the areas of responsiveness, safety, quality and value.

With our singular focus on the rail industry and unique combination of engineering and construction services, TRAC has developed deep and extensive relationships across both the construction and engineering side of the industry. These strong relationships with railroad officials, short line operators, suppliers, and agencies help us complete your project quickly and effectively while limiting surprises that can result in lengthy delays.

Whether your need is a feasibility study, help with a complex design challenge, or an emergency repair, TRAC’s responsiveness, experience, and results-oriented approach will get the job done.



Over 100 combined years of experience in industry, unparalleled design services; hands on work force


Deep and extensive network across railroad industry brings speed, efficiency and cost savings to your project


Over 100 combined years of experience in industry, unparalleled design services; hands on work force

Good design goes beyond the blueprints.


At TRAC, we believe that good design is essential for long term success. That’s why the company was designed from its inception as an employee-owned enterprise. All employees at TRAC share in the company’s success and customer satisfaction drives everything we do. We have a goal to think like a small business, regardless of our size, which results in great service and value for our customers year after year. Customers tell us that they choose TRAC over other competitors because we always respond quickly, provide safe, knowledgeable and professional crews, and can solve their railroading challenges, from project design to emergency repair.

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